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How much success is enough?

Sam Altman’s new blog post titled “How to be successful” pinged a few times on my Twitter feed this morning, so I took a look.

It’s a typical Silicon Valley sermon: outwork, outskill, outscale. The path to the good life, sponsored by your friendly neighbourhood VC.

Before you put a laminated copy of Sam’s words on your mirror, first ask yourself: how much success is **enough**?

If you define success as becoming the next Elon Musk, then sure, go do what Altman says. You’re shooting for the moon (Mars?) and it’ll take everything you can muster just to get near the launchpad.

But what if you have less lofty aims for yourself?
What if success means paying off your house, getting a nice car, advancing social justice, taking care of your family, being independent, having enough to be comfortable?

Then Altman’s “compound yourself” advice will likely disappoint. His words set you up for...

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